Dear best friend…


Hello guys! Today I have a super exciting post for you! As you might know, my best friend has a blog too, so we thought it would be fun to do a collab! I wrote a guest post for her blog and she wrote one for mine. The idea was that we write each other a letter. But not just any letter; a letter to the future us. If you want to read my letter, check out my besties post on her blog!

Dear future Zwaan,
I wonder if you still know me closely, maybe we are still friends or maybe you don’t even really remember me.
You’ve been doubting about school. About which subjects you wanted to do. Maybe you wanted to be a physiotherapist or you wanted to study psychology. By your time you’ve made a decision and I bet it’s the best one.
If everything went as planned you have just finished college. What’s next. You once told me after your study you want to find a job as soon as you can. I don’t know if that is right. You might want to take a year of. You can gain a lot of experience so that’s not to doubt about. You might want to re do things from the past, for example our trip to Paris. For the us from now that’s about the most exciting thing coming up, why not do it again. You might want to see the people you used to know again. Like me😂 if you not see me often anymore.
About me. If I have a boyfriend, tell him that I’d a super duper amazing asking to mary with a photographer and sunset beach or whatever something super cool. I’ve just finished college to, probably. Maybe we can go on a trip together, celebrate it😃.
About pets and living on your own. I really hope we study in the same city and maybe had our own apartement together. If not, whatever. Now you should find your own place, don’t decide to fast, you might regret it. I am definitly willing to help already😋 of course. Pets would be great. I recommend a cat or a tiny dog in the beginning. Make sure you have time. Again: don’t decide to soon😘.
I know quite sure it will be fun in your time. University was probably difficult but I guess it was worth it. Have fun for with the rest of your life.
Xxx Present Sanne

PS now it’s your turn again to write a letter to the future you😉


I hope you all liked this post! Don’t forget to check out my besties blog!

See you next weekend with another blogpost!



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