November favourites 2016



Hello guys, today I have my first monthly favourites post for you! This will be something I do every last Sunday of the month where I talk about all kinds of things I like. I hope you like reading about items I’ve been loving these days!


  1. My new pyjamas

(photo coming soon, it is currently being washed :))

I love this new pyjama set, because  it keeps me all warm and cozy at night. It is really comfortable and I think it is super cute! I bought it from H&M for €19,99.


  1. Mason jar cup


I know I’m kind of late to the trend, but I bought one of these mason jar cups a while ago, and I’ve been LOVING it. It stimulates me to drink enough water, because whenever it is empty, I refill it with more water. And also this just looks super nice, right?


  1. Etos Young skin line


I don’t thinks Etos sells their stuff anywhere but in Holland, but I still want to talk about these products for all my Dutch girls out there, because these products have really become a holy grail for my morning- and nightroutine (if you want a morning / night routine post, let me know in the comments below!). There are more products in the line that I haven’t tried out (yet), but the three products that I have been using have been doing wonders for my skin. I use the day cream every morning, the cleansing lotion every night and the three in one product every two or three days.


  1. Batiste dryshampoo


Another beauty-related product: Batiste dry-shampoo. This is AMAZING. I use it every day, except for days I wash my hair. This is, like it reads on the back, the perfect solution in between washes.  It gives me fresh hair with a lot of volume and it doesn’t leave a grey layer on my hair once I have massaged it in. Perfect!


  1. Unicorn baseball hat


Like I said in my “typical me items” post, I love baseball hats. This is one that I made myself by ironing a patch from H&M onto a hat from  local store. I love the funky but cute vibe this gives me!


These were my favourites for this month, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments what your favourite item has been recently.


See you next weekend with another blogpost!




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