5 typical “me-items”


Hello again! Today, I thought I would let you all get to know me a bit better. I LOVE clothes, accessories, shoes and all that stuff. Also, I feel like I’m have some… unique pieces that I wear on the daily basis that aren’t something everyone would walk around in. These are exactly the pieces I want to show you today. I hope you enjoy seeing and reading about these 5 Typical “ME-pieces”!


Baseball hats / caps! I love these soooo much, not only because they’re cute and make any outfit look put together, but also because they can cover up dirty hair that you were too lazy to wash the day before (gross, I know)! Double win!

NY-hat: H&M, 7,99

Unicorn hat: local shop,€2,99 with a patch from a pack from H&M, ,5,99




Next up: Doctor Martens. I know these are getting a little more popular these days, but I still feel like this is really something you either love or hate. I, personally, love them. They’re awesome, because you can pair them with anything you want! I wear these, like, pretty much every day.

Original Doctor Martens,€149,99



CAT EARS! I love these. They make any outfit interesting and you always feel kind of special when you wear these. I have gotten a lot of comments about these, some people think they’re weird, some people love them and keep asking where I got them.

Black lace cat ears: Claires,5,99

Wire cat ears with rhinestones: H&M, on sale for only €2,00




Chokers. I know these are really in, but in my the Netherlands there are not a lot of girls my age who wear these. Most guys always tell me I look gothic whenever I wear a choker, but I love these, because they give that little extra to your outfit to make it unique.

Tattoo choker: local shop,0,99 for two

Unicorn choker: H&M,3,99

Feather choker: Claires,6,99

Sun choker: Claires,4,99

Heart choker: DIY gift from bestie 🙂



Lastly: kneehigh socks. Again, I know these are becoming more and more trendy, especially in fall, but in the Netherlands, a lot of girls don’t wear them because they think it makes them look like a slut. I do wear them. A lot. Whenever I wear a skirt or a dress in fall or winter, I pair it with these. I love them, because they make the outfit a little more warm, which is very nice this time of year.

Burgundy knee-high socks: Primark,2,50 in a pack with black ones as well.


I want to end this post with an important message. No, I don’t want to be cheesy, I just want to tell you this from the bottom of my heart.

A lot of girls always say things to me like: “I love that you can pull that off, I wouldn’t dare to wear that!” or “How do you dare to wear this kind of stuff?” or “Why does everything look so good on you? I can’t pull that stuff off!”. Although these are compliments, it makes me kind of sad. I always answer these questions saying that you should just wear whatever you want. I’m believe anything will look good on anyone, as long as you are comfortable and confident in it. So, how do you pull of something that not everyone would wear? Just do it! I swear you can! You just need to stop caring about other people that judge you, because the only one that needs to like you is YOU. So if you like cat ears: Just go ahead and rock them. If anything, everyone will just love that you just don’t care about what anyone will say. And if not, well, then not.

What is a typical YOU-item? Tell me in the comments below!

Hope this was fun and helpful to read! See you next weekend with another blogpost!







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