10 random life hacks you NEED to know


Hello everyone, today I have a little bit of a shorter post for you: 10 random life hacks!


Let me explain: I had three tests this week and a ton of homework, so I didn’t have much time to write. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem at all, because I’d still have time during the weekend, but this week that isn’t the case. This afternoon I had practice with the drama-club, tomorrow is my grandma’s birthday and on Sunday I have a rehearsal day with my choir. So, as much as I enjoy writing posts for you and putting in very much time, I am going to have to squeeze a very short one out today. I hope you still enjoy this post though! Let’s get into the life hacks.



Need an icepack that won’t drip all over the place when it melts? Put a wet sponge in a plastic bag and let it sit in the freezer for a couple of hours!



Do you hate when you are making ice coffee but it tastes watery once the ice cubes start melting? Just put some coffee in ice cube trays and make you very own frozen coffee cubes!



Do you always have that problem that you straw keeps falling out of your soda can? Turn the little tab you use to open the can so that the hole is above the opening and put you straw through that!



Are you always afraid someone will steal your stuff when you are leaving your spot at the beach? Clean out an old bottle of sunscreen and use that as a hiding place for keys and money! Because who will ever steal sunscreen, right?



Put your phone in a glass to make a speaker-like effect!



When you don’t have any motivation to study, put a little piece of candy at the end of every paragraph to reward yourself!



You can take the ends from a jeans hanger and use them as clips to keep bags of chips closed!



Use a cupcake wrapper to prevent your popsicle from dripping all over the place. Just make a small hole in the bottom and put the popsicle stick through it, and it will catch all of the liquid dripping off!



Is your fly always down? Put a key ring on the end of you zipper and then put that around the button, you will always be safe!



Are you just like me and do you always accidentally close tabs? Hold Ctrl+Shift+T and get you lost tab back!


I hope this was useful, I think I will use these a lot from now on. Especially the one for the closed tabs, because that happens to me every time!


So this was my (short) blogpost for the week. Hope you enjoyed, hope you come back next weekend for another blogpost!






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