How to have the perfect lazy day



Hello again! Today I have some tips to have “the perfect lazy day”. Personally, I’m very lazy. But I usually have a lot to do… So when I do get the chance to be lazy for an entire day, man, I’m going to be REALLY lazy. That’s why I wanted to share my ingredients for a perfect lazy day.

I’ll be showing you some essentials that I really need when having a lazy day, what I usually wear on this kind of day and finally some things you could do when you’re not feeling like being productive one day.


So let’s start with some essentials:



My unicorn slippers. These are SOOO soft and cozy (and I mean how can you not like something that’s a UNICORN).



Some yummy snacks! Here is a recipe for a delicious, healthy smoothie:


What you will need:

  • 175 grams of mango
  • A banana
  • A little bit of juice
  • A little bit of yoghurt.
  • Some cranberries to top it off
  • A blender
  • A nice cup

I just blended all the ingredients together, poured it into my mason jar and topped everything of with some cranberries! If you want, you can also add some oatmeal on top.



Hot chocolate / tea / coffee (whatever you like, personally I’m a huge coffee- and tea-fan)



Blankets and pillows to get really cozy. Or just your bed, that will work too J.



A laptop or TV with Netflix or YouTube or something similar. And also headphones, because I’ll probably be listening to some music or watching some movies.


On lazy days I like to either wear my pyjamas all day, or something else comfy, like leggings and a sweater (and my unicorn slippers of course). Usually, I put my hair up in a bun, just so it doesn’t get in the way.


Well, if you’re anything like me, being lazy doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing. To me, being lazy is not having to do anything. When I have a lazy day, I don’t have any to-do’s or appointments, I can just do whatever I feel like doing, whenever I feel like doing it. So, here are some ideas about what you can do on a lazy day.

  • To begin with: watch some movies! Who doesn’t like movies? I certainly do (especially the ones with Zac Efron in it… Okay no one heard that).
  • Drawing or finally doing some of those DIY’s that you saw on YouTube. I always see DIY-video’s with all kinds of DIY’s and I keep telling myself: I’m definitely going to make that sometimes… (Yeah right).
  • Have a beauty / pamper day. Treat yourself! You could buy some face-masks or bath bombs and just have some quality-time, by yourself or with a friend.
  • Cooking or baking is really fun and relaxing to me (and you get to eat delicious homemade cookies / cake / whatever you have made afterwards). And when you’re done, you could put it on a nice plate, make it look nice and pretty and take some pictures for Instagram (because we all want that cute feed).
  • If you have TWO lazy days (lucky you!), you can have a sleepover with a friend, or even a sibling! It sounds kind of weird to have a sleepover with a sibling, but it is so much fun! Me and my sister do it all the time, we just watch a movie and then sleep in her room or my room.
  • If it’s not too cold, you could have a mini-picnic. I really love to have my breakfast (or brunch, because on lazy days I usually wake up really late) outside.
  • I like to create a little cozy corner, whether that’s on my bed or somewhere else, I just throw a ton of pillows and blankets together and voilà, my cozy corner is ready to relax is the entire day.


Of course these are just things that I like to do. A lazy day consists of things you like to do, things that a relaxing to you. I hope you all have amazing chill-days from now on!


What do you like to do on a lazy day? Tell me in the comments below!


See you next weekend with another blog post!









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