15 essentials every girl needs in her bag


Hello everyone, today I’m coming to you with my first actual blog post, YAYY! So, in this post I’m going to show you 15 things I carry with me at all times, AKA my bag essentials.

These things will always be in my school bag, as well as in my travel carry-on or my purse / backpack.



The bag I’m showing you today is the little backpack I use most at the moment. I really love the burgundy kind of colour of this for this season and it’s the perfect size to carry around wherever I go. The leather-like details and the golden hardware make it even cuter! I also like the sort of bucket bag shape which is really trendy right now! It has two small compartments on the sides and a slightly bigger compartment on the front, as well as two open pockets and a zipper pocket inside the main compartment.

I got this a few weeks ago, at Primark, and it was only 12 euro’s!

So let’s jump into the items I carry in here:



My wallet. This is kind of an obvious one, we all want to have access to our wallets at any time. This one is really old, I think I got it when I was five or something (I’m almost 14 now) but I still like it and it didn’t break yet, so why not keep on using it, right?



My phone. Duh. This is a Samsung galaxy S II +, I know, really old, I’m hoping for an upgrade soon.



My planner. I try to use it, but I’m lazy (no judging here, okay!). I just carry it around anyway, because you never know, maybe you randomly bump into an old friend that wants to catch up sometimes but is really busy at that moment, or you meet a really cute guy and instantly fall in love and he asks you out… A girl can dream, okay 😉.



A pen, because even if I don’t need it myself, someone else will. I like to be nice an save the day when someone is in desperate need of a pen but doesn’t have it. Yeah I know, I could have been a superhero.



A little bag containing:

  • A nail file (because what if my nail breaks?)
  • This handy-dandy little thing that is both a mirror AND a hairbrush (how cool, right?!)
  • Hair ties (if I didn’t lose / break / gave them away)
  • Lip balm (because my lips tend to be really dry sometimes)



My glasses. Not that I ever use them except for when I’m in class, but I always have them with me.



I ALWAYS need to have tissues on hand. Not just for sneezing , no, it’s way more than that. Like, what do you do when your makeup is all over the place? You grab a tissue. What do you do if you spilled your sandwich over your shirt? You grab a tissue. What do you do if you need to go to a public toilet on the train station but there’s no toilet paper? You… Right, I think I made my point.



Hand sanitizer. This can really be a life saver in some situations. Or maybe I’m just weird because I need to have everything being really clean all the time. Yeah. I just realized that’s probably just me.



A notebook. You know, for writing things down. That’s what people tend to do with notebooks.



Deodorant. I mean, what if you are in the middle of nowhere and you realize you smell awful?



Let’s call this… An emergency kit. This just contains some “girly items”, because you never know…



A bottle of water. I often forget to stay hydrated and drink enough water, but I like to always have some on hand for when I DO think of it.



A book. It’s really great if you’re awfully bored and then discover that you don’t have to be, because you have an amazing book just sitting around in your bag! I’m currently reading Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella.



My Polaroid camera. I love to capture special moments with this thing. It’s so much fun to look back on pictures that are like, actually printed. And let’s be real, who prints photo’s that they took on their phone? Well, not me, because I’ll either forget, or be too lazy.



Headphones, for when I want to listen to music or watch some video’s. These are cool, because they have a built in splitter, so I share whatever I’m listening to with someone else.


Well, that was it I think. I hope you enjoyed reading about what I carry with me in my bag. I’m really curious what you keep in your handbag or purse, so comment down below and let me know!


See you next weekend with another blog post, bye!




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